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Please be 10-15 minutes early and ready for makeup if having it done. Come with a bare face and in loose clothing to avoid lines on the skin.

Drink plenty of water for clear skin and bring ya game face boo! ;)

Feel more than welcome to bring your own lingerie sets. I have a limited client closet and can’t guarantee to have your size or preferred style. Sizes S-2XL.

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5x5 10 images $1500
8x8 20 images $1800

10x10 30 images $2200

12x12 40 images $3000

Wall Art

8x12 $600

16x24 $900

20x30 $1500

24x36 $2000

40x60 $3200


Folio Boxes

10 images $900

15 images $1200

20 images $1500

Digital Collection $3000

*Digital File Collection

Add-On ONLY $2500*

A La Carte

How long is the session?

Please allow four hours for the full experience.
During the first two hours you will be glammed up with hair and make-up services. After pampering we will spend the second two hours hanging out and posing.

How/When Will I Select my images?

Approximately one week after our session I will set up an image reveal to go through the lightly retouched photos. At the viewing you can choose which photos to add to your final collection and I will complete editing.

How much can you edit?

I believe that my clients are beautiful in their own way. I go with my instinct and remove all minor blemishes. Ie; under eye circles and acne.
I aim to pose clients in flattering angles to reduce problem areas that concern you. With retouching less is more.

Will My images be used on your Website?

I would love to use your images. However, I completely respect any requests for privacy. I require your consent
to share intimate photos with my group. Or to use your photos on any of my pages. If you are open to sharing your amazing photos and your story with other women.

frequent questions

Collection I

$6500 ($8700 value)

  • 10x10” album w/ 40 images diamond or acrylic cover

  • 10-image folio box

  • (3) 16 x24 metal prints

  • Full digital file collection

  • Mobile Gallery app


Collection II

  $4800 ($6500 value)

  • 10x10” album w/ 30 images

  • (1) 24x38” metal print or (2) 16x24 metal prints or the option for a glass box with all your final images

  • Full digital file collection


Collection III

    $3600 ($5500 value)

  • 10x10' 20 image album

  • 20x30' metal print or additional page upgrade*

  • corresponding digital images included


Collection IV

   $2800 ($3400 Value)

  • 8x8' 20 image album

  • (1) 8x10 metal print 

  • corresponding digital images included    


Collection V

  •    $1900 ($2300 Value)

  • 5x5' 10 image album or folio box

  • (1) 8x12 metal print 

Everyone on this page looks like a model...


The women and couples you are seeing on my site are not models. I want to help you find your confidence to believe you are a model. This comes with being styled and fully guided by the right photographer. You will be coached and posed.

I will demo all of the poses I have you do.

What To Expect

I like little details that describe YOU. Feel more than welcome to bring your preferred beverage of choice to sip on during your session, your fav pair of blue jeans or daisy dukes, paired with a tee/sports jersey/etc. that describes you!

If mother nature strikes unexpectedly don’t fret you’re more than welcome to reschedule your session to a later date, just give me a hoot!

From the time you walk into the room, we will speak only body positivity. Embracing everything about ourselves from the freckles on our nose, to the stretch marks on our tummies. I will have carefully curated poses that high- light your best features. I’ll demo the poses and you are welcome to laugh. Coffee and water will be provided as well as snacks.

Cmon babe, let's make it happen!

  • To book a session, an initial fee of $500 is Required with a signed contract. This can be split up into two payments.

  • From there, within 48 hours I will send you my welcome guide along with a questionnaire to help me in personalizing your session.

  • I provide digital collections as well as high quality prints and custom photo albums.

  • Print release is available with the purchase of the full Online gallery.

  • I offer monthly and weekly payment options.

  •  All products are held until the last payment is made.

  • I aim to have each project complete within four weeks of shooting.

    • *time frames vary*

  • You can choose to rush order your galleries for an additional $125 plus tax.

  • I highly recommend booking at least a month in advance to ensure proper      studio time and session availability.

Booking Your Session

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