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How long is the session?

Please allow four hours for the full experience.
During the first two hours you will be glammed up with hair and make-up services. After pampering we will spend the second two hours hanging out and posing.

What does the Session Fee cover?

Professional Hair and Make-up on site of shoot, Access to my client closet, Photoshop retouching for blemishes, Studio time, Pre-shoot Consult, and Follow Up Viewing.

How/When Will I Select my images?

Approximately one week after our session I will set up an image reveal to go through the lightly retouched photos. At the viewing you can choose which photos to add to your final collection and I will complete editing.

How much can you edit?

I believe that my clients are beautiful in their own way. I go with my instinct and remove all minor blemishes. Ie; under eye circles and acne.
I aim to pose clients in flattering angles to reduce problem areas that concern you. With retouching less is more.

Will My images be used on your Website?

I would love to use your images. However, I completely respect any requests for privacy. I require your consent
to share intimate photos with my group. Or to use your photos on any of my pages. If you are open to sharing your amazing photos and your story with other women.

The women in this guide all look like models... I’M NOT A MODEL... CAN I DO THIS?!

The women and couples you are seeing on my site are not models.

I want to help you find your confidence to believe you are a model. This comes with being styled
and fully guided by the right photographer. You will be coached and posed. I will demo all of the poses I have you do.

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