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Angel & Spencer's Engagement Session


Angel reached out to me not too long ago and began catching me up on this amazing man she met named Spencer. The two of them connected in their own language of love, as any couple does... BUT sooner rather than later (because Spencer is a smart man and locked Angel in, he knows a good thing when he sees one!) They got engaged and next thing ya know Angel's asking me to shoot her wedding this July in AUSTIN TEXAS! *AHHHHHH let me do my celebration dance and I'll continue the excitement still hasn't settled* I knew from the start Angel loved my style of work & editing so I have no fears of a future bridezilla with this one ;) She made it absolutely clear she trusted me with whatever route I decided to take for her engagement session, just lead the way. Well this past weekend was my first time seeing Angel since we both worked at Salt Grass together (hehe much love for the salty grass and the friendships its created for me. Some of my biggest supporters are old coworkers who watched me evolve with my camera since a young teen.) Needless to say Spencer has made Angel into a woman who overflows with strength, happiness, confidence, laughter, and prayer. That's everything a MAN should do for you, and its amazing how much love you can see in between these two.

I pray for nothing but love, laughter, & happiness for these two for all their years to come.

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