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Creative Collaboration

We all have things that we’re good at. Many of us invest time in our passions seeking notoriety and monetary gain. In building ourselves up we often rely on a family and friends to support us in expanding our network. Once you start to get paid for your hard work it’s not easy to do free work for people.

Creatively there are times where people in our network can help our ideas grow beyond that of our own ability. This is a great example of their being strength in numbers. Collaborating with others allows us the chance to reach a new level of creative and expand on ideas in ways we couldn’t have achieved on our own. In addition to creative expansion it is also a great way to expand your network.

On my landing page which you can access by clicking the cactus in the footer of my site, I will highlight collaborations with others where I have competed project there was an exchange of talent and service. I work with so many amazing people and I hope you read more about my shoot experiences throughout this blog.

If we use our talents together, we can create something bigger we can all bring more ideas to life. Even with an action as simple as sharing your friend's posts to support their craft.

I want to pose a challenge to anyone reading to go a step further and use your social media actions to comment a local business on your friends posts that asks for a service recommendation. Word of mouth is the biggest help that you can give to your friend's business. In sharing a post in most cases you increase the reach to a potential customer by more than 1/2 the number of views.

I am abundantly thankful for collaborative efforts that I’ve seen in my community. We can accomplish so much more by working together and supporting local businesses.

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