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Model Call Results - Reclamation Dress Maternity Session


Back in March, I did a model called for a reclamation dress my dear friend Wolf and Rose photography sent me, which led me to Tess + Dayna who are expecting, but happen to live in Cleburne, TX so you know this ole gal was up for a road trip! Tess and I hit it off like two old girl friends. Two months later we scheduled a maternity session using one of my reclamation dresses whichis available in my Client Closetsshown below. So I headed out to Cleburne early June 5th and arrived around 4 PM to scout locations to capture these two gorgeous souls maternity photos. Usually when it comes to working with new clients I often feel intimidated or nervous just because I want to make sure to perfect this moment in their life for them to cherish for years to come, but with these two old souls it was like we just picked up where we left off.

We decided to take a gender neutral route for Tess’ session, which I absolute LOVED! She began her session in my nude slip which usually goes under my reclamation gowns, but can also be worn by itself for a more relaxed/boho look.

I decided to pair her spouse in clothes he would normally wear, but that compliment Tess’s outfits.. because the overall goal is to make them comfortable during their session while making them look good!

Not that this session needed any extra pizzazzz with this gorgeous ass couple. I decided to OhSo Brittnees dried floral bouquet and crown on this mama to be for the PERFECT finishing touch to this outfit. Brittnee is an event planner + florist based out of Tyler, Tx but is available whenever your heart desires! She made this bouquet + floral crown for my client closet using some of my color preferences, along with a few more goodies I cant wait to share!

As we wrapped up the first outfit + headed back to our vehicles we ran into the nicest game warden who actually gave us coordinates to our next location which was a true gem on the eye!! It was about 25-30 minutes out but totally worth the drive!! It was a nice It was a nice secluded bridge underpass that had a beautiful river bank for photos!

Luckily, we waited till we hiked all the way down to the river bank before throwing Tess into the Reclamation gown otherwise she more than likely would’ve croaked in that Texas heat right then and there. We did have to take multiple breaks during the session to allow mama to catch her breath whichis expected especially during the summer months.

I cannot stress enough that is important to bring an ice canteen for mamas during a maternity session, I always bring one for not only me but my client as well! This Texas heat is no joke, and you have to remember that mama is hydrating not one, but two humans!

We spent another hour at this location, capturing intimate moments of these beautiful parents to be. We laughed, we got wet, at one point Tess even almost wanted to give up from heat exhaustion but this mama pushed through + needless to say this is one of my absolute favorite maternity sessions to date. Not just because of the gorgeous photos I got to create for these two to cherish forever, but the relationship/friendship photography brings along with it is truly one in a million.

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