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What To Expect

Please be 10-15 minutes early and ready for makeup if having it done. Come with a bare face and in loose clothing to avoid lines on the skin.

Drink plenty of water for clear skin and bring ya game face boo! ;)

Feel more than welcome to bring your own lingerie sets. I have a limited client closet and can’t guarantee to have your size or preferred style.

Sizes S-XL.

I like little details that describe YOU. Feel more than welcome to bring your preferred beverage of choice to sip on during your session, your fav pair of blue jeans or daisy dukes, paired with a tee/sports jersey/etc. that describes you!

If mother nature strikes unexpectedly don’t fret you’re more than welcome to reschedule your session to a later date, just give me a hoot!

From the time you walk into the room, we will speak only body positivity. Embracing everything about ourselves from the freckles on our nose, to the stretch marks on our tummies. I will have carefully curated poses that high- light your best features. I’ll demo the poses and you are welcome to laugh. Coffee and water will be provided as well as snacks.

Cmon babe, let's make it happen!

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